Nieuw waterspeelgebied Vrouwenhof Roosendaal
March 2023!

Water play area

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9 & 10 april

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Vrouwenhof is the nicest playground in Roosendaal! On an area of almost 1.5 hectares, children can let off steam while you relax. On our terrace you can enjoy a tasty drink or bite, however you can also stay close to your children and find a spot within playground. It is allowed to enjoy self-brought consumptions. Therefore, you may sit on a bench or picknick table located within the playground. However, it is not allowed to consume these self-brought consumptions on our terrace. Our terrace is for the visitors of our restaurant. Here we have a varied range of drinks, bites, and pancakes.

It is not possible to reserve a place on our terrace. Do you want to be assured of a table? Then, it is possible to reserve a table within our restaurant. Reservations for the playground are not necessary, just come along! We strive to create a smoke-free area for the children to play in. Therefore, it is not allowed to smoke on our terrace and within the playground. Subsequently, it is not allowed to enter the park with pets, assistance dogs excluded.

Geweldige locatie, voor alle leeftijden.
Wij opa en oma, de kinderen en kleinkinderen voor elk wat wils. En niet onbelangrijk de prijs was ook goed. Doen we nog eens een keer

- Familie Brauns


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