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Tickets & Prices 2023


Buy your ticket for an entire day of fun in our playground here!
Whenever visiting the playground it is necessary to buy an entrance ticket for a child between the age of 1 to 12 years old. We have two different prices depending on when you visit Vrouwenhof:

  • 1st of March until 31st of October: €6.95
  • 1st of November until 28th of February: free entrance

Adults may enter the park for free. Whenever tickets are bought online, it is mandatory to also buy an adult ticket (of €0.00). Each visitor must have a valid entrance ticket even if it is a free ticket.


An annual pass for guaranteed fun for just €39.50!

12 months of fun at Vrouwenhof! Come by for only one hour after school or stay here for an entire day. The possibilities are endless with an annual pass! An annual pass is already beneficial after just 6 visits!

During the winter period of Vrouwenhof (November until February), annual pass holders receive a discount of 50% when buying a pancake. Moreover, there are several discounts during our events and when you celebrate your birthday party at Vrouwenhof, the birthday gal is free!

Buy your annual pass for Vrouwenhof at the entrance. You are welcome to come by!

We are looking for you!

Do you want to work in the nicest place in Roosendaal? Then apply now!

From March we are looking for new fun employees (from 15 years old) who want to join our team! Whether you are already experienced or this will be your first job, it doesn’t matter. We will teach you everything!

You will be working in a team where we really do it together! A team that works hard, but also often looks for fun. For example, we have at least 3 staff events in a year, who wouldn’t want that?

Reserveer hier direct!

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